Opportunities For Investors

Projects are located in South Florida's Miami-Dade and Monroe counties and cover a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing companies, professional firms, restaurants, real estate developments, hotels and tourism development.

Investments will be made through separate limited partnerships. Each immigrant investor who seeks an EB-5 investor visa through our center will join a limited partnership.

As a limited partner, you will then be involved in the policymaking activities of your investment partnership to the extent allowed by the Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 1976.

Your investment of $550,000 includes the minimum $500,000 capital required by the program and an issue expense fee of $50,000. Legal fees related to services provided by your immigration attorney are separate and are not included in this fee.

Subscription Procedures

The South Florida Regional Center is prepared to work with you and your immigration attorney to guide you through the complete process, from your initial application to your receipt of a permanent green card.

As an interested investor, you will receive comprehensive offering materials that describe the program details, information about our Regional Center and information about one or more proposed qualifying investments.

If you approve of one of the qualifying investments presented to you, your next step is to execute a subscription agreement to a designated limited partnership and deposit a capital investment of $550,000 (if the investment is made within a targeted employment area) with the fund's escrow agent.


Immigration Procedures

There are three main steps for applying to the program:

  1. Submit Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur.
  2. Once your I-526 Petition is approved, you will be given an appointment for a U.S. Consular Interview for a biographical and medical review, If you are in the U.S., you may apply for adjustment of status.
  3. Two years from the date that you are granted conditional permanent residence and enter the U.S., you can apply for your permanent green card. Submit Form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions, to demonstrate that your investment has satisfied all the requirements of the program.


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South Florida Investment Regional Center projects will be in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties and range across a number of industry sectors closely linked to the local economy. The Regional Center pools investors together in one project, which means the project will be larger and financially more stable than one individual investing in a project alone.